Painting on Porthmeor beach #porthmeorbe
ST IVES series

The dramatic scenery of St Ives and the quality of light are a constant draw for artists. I visit as often as possible and begin by sketching 'en plein air'. Back in the studio my preliminary studies and photographs are used as a spring board for larger scale  outcomes. 

No water pot needed.jpg
Sarah Cox. Porthmeor Beach.Acrylic on ca

Boat hull  in St Ives, Cornwall  - photograph courtesy of  Sarah Cox

Hull of a boat in St. Ives harbour. Idea


Chasing waves - turquoise - salt air - The Tate- Hepworth and Nicholson -The Island - fishing boat hulls- patina of time- seaweed- yellow lichen on granite rock - paint washing off sketchpad pages in the rain - weathering- exhilaration - coastal path- wild flowers- minack theatre- breathing space


'An amazing artist, with a great eye that captures the essence of her subject matter. My wife and I bought a painting recently and absolutely love it. Definitely worth going for a viewing.'
Mr Barry - Farnham