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This painting is inspired by walking the woodland from Holmbury St Mary to Abinger in the Surrey Hills, UK. I find walking in nature helps to keep me in the present moment. It's one of the few times when I connect with all of the senses. My eyes get drawn to the different colours and textures in the landscape and then I become aware of smells/sounds. On my walk, I smelt damp leaves and earthy compost. I heard the calls of the cuckoo and woodpecker reverberate around the forest and I saw coppery beech leaves pop against lime green mosses. Magical. 


This large scale painting aims to bring colour and hapiness to the room in which it resides.


150cm width x 100cm height.

Acrylic on canvas.

Videos show the painting as a work in progress.



(If you live further afield then please email to discuss shipping fees before purchasing)

Currently only shipping within the UK.

Holmbury St Mary Woodland

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